Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Shiney Metallics.

Let me start by saying this is not me analysing trends or telling you where to find them, or even what shows incorporated them in their collection, I'll leave that to the perfectly written magazines and other such writing that surround us and who's sole responsibility is just that. This is just me finding something, which isn't just an item but can be in many different forms, for example I have done post's previous about sheer I love this in various ways as shirts/tops/skirts, same for crochet and lace....for now I am onto the METALLICS.

This is presumably what it is called which I am referring to, well the jumper I bought yesterday was a cream knit with a silver matallic finish, I have seen these also in a beige knit with a gold mettalic finish, I love the look of them and yes maybe it is not the most appropriate item of clothing to be wearing in the sun but if you pair them with shorts it sort of balances it out? I always remember that 'rule' either top half out or bottom not both, so my shorts with a jumper are follwoing the rules precisely. Couting down the days to Ibiza...thinking of outfits probably constitues towards 99% of my thoughts sitting at work. So thats one down.

Lately, i have been in the mind set of seeing things, obviously this does not include high end designer these are in a world of their own, this is referring to low key casual clothing, and thinking I could make that or alter it in a way that I would prefer, or is that me naively thinking I could buy a jumper and aimlessly paint metallic fabric paint over the top and hope for the same effect? Pale grey knit with silver would be nice, or maybe pale beige and copper, this could be an eperiement that could go diastrously wrong, or could end up matching the image I plan, so I have decided to go ahead with the idea, will be posting the end results soon, or maybe not if it turns out diastrously wrong......


  1. I've been looking for a metallic shirt as well but they all seem to be rougha and slightly hard due to their metallic finish. don't want sandpaper near to my skin xx


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