Thursday, 4 August 2011

Talents Of The Wayuu Tribe

I received a comment yesterday from the blog blondehaus,, every single time I receive a comment about a post I always go on their blog and have a read through, and this was one that completely stood out for all the right reasons. I had an inkling that I would love it by reading the comment, 'I live, eat and breathe the beach.' and also that it was a post so personal to my own taste and for someone else to like the exact same thing I knew we would have the share the same taste in chosen posts. And this has followed onto a post dedicated to BLONDEHAUS, a new blog that I will be following for inspiration and generally enjoying sharing everything that is posted.....this is the sole reason I began reading blogs.

I couldn't even begin to choose all the images that have been posted so I'll let you all have a look yourself. Instead I have chosen to share my love for these bags, which I also saw on Oracle Fox. The Mochilla bags are made by the Wayuu Tribe in Columbia and Venezuela, the bags are incredibly labour intensive and can take up to 250 hours of handcrafted precision to produce, even better rather than buying them at stores such as Barney's in New York you can now buy them direct so the Wayuu Tribe receives a portion of the sale and deservedly so......


  1. You are the biggest sweetheart! Thanks for the post, I appreciate it! I love that we are inspired by similar things. Your blog is my new inspiration drug!

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