Monday, 1 August 2011

Those Beach Outfits.

Monday morning in work, made slightly better with the thought that Ibiza has been booked and I will be returning to the WHITE ISLAND in just over two weeks, it takes a lot to deter that Monday morning feeling but that alone has conquered it well and truly.

Ok, so nights planned and things to do is obviously the best thing to get excited about, but then it gets to the dreaded thought...I've got nothing to wear!
I've reached the conclusion that it is no good going through my wardrobe aimlessly eliminating clothes ending up with...well nothing. It still seizes to amaze me that I have purchased these clothes obviously liking them enough to buy them in a shop, two months later they have been pushed to the 'I hate that' pile, so it leaves me to now find pictures of outfits I LOVE and try to create these out of the unwanted items in the wardrobe? Its a challenge.

First up, normal beach outfits, might as well start with the easiest ones first. I always seem to go towards the same thing and to be honest its not really appropriate to wear in 30 degree heat, on a beach with a long sleeve top in any form.........

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  1. I absolutely love this post. If you know me, you'll know I live eat and breathe the beach. Your blog is awesome - I'm totally your newest follower.


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