Wednesday, 10 August 2011

That Special Date.

I know I know, even I find myself repeating things constantly, yet it doesn't stop me from repeating it just one more time. I recently just filled out a series of interview questions, so this is what initially sparked my repetition again, not me just going on and on! What one thing should every girl own? Now this could be anything but what sprang to mind for me was a peice of jewellery regardless of the price that has some sort of personal meaning. There are things I have that have that meaning due to where I bought them and remind me of a memory, or there are the more obvious things, a bracelet my mum made me when I was 16, on each metal disc is engraved a special memory. An envelope on a necklace, inside my boyfriend had the date that we first got together, or the necklace where each charm had its meaning that my mum collected.

I love these calendar bracelets, the fact that you can get a stone on a special date that means something to you.

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