Thursday, 11 August 2011

Market HQ. THe Crochet.

I love that crochet is such an old technique yet still appears today with a totally new spin on it as opposed to the traditional patterns used when it was first used way back when....A lady in my Mum's work can literally look at a picture and crochet it without using patterns, this has got us talking about everything we can do crochet, bikinis, skirts, collars and cuffs, jumpers everything! Cherry has been sharing her talents with Mum who is trying to pick up the skills and pass it on to me, I've just had my first attempt on my lunch break, admittedly with little success. Oh well, they do say practise makes perfect?

I love the new lookbook for Market Hq, in particular the crochet included in the various forms of skirts, vests and a slouchy cardigan, these will be my inspiration whilst practising!

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  1. Ahhhh so amazing! I want everything in these pictures... Including the decor! xx


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