Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Beautiful Creations of Noemi Klein.

Beyond The Valley, a well known boutique situated in London. In the five years since its launch, Beyond The Valley concept store has gone from being a spring board for young designers to one of London's leading destinations for design and fashion innovation. The store and label is an embodiment of this, enjoying collaborations with new talented artists, keeping the range diverse and ambitious. Beyond the Valley has been voted one of the top 100 UK Coolbrands for 2007/08/09/10. the creative directors are Kate Bonhote and Kristijana S Williams graduates of Central Saint Martins. Visiting the boutique, through the concept, enabled me to come across various designers that I was unaware of, one of them being jewellery designer Noemi Klein.
Although I can greatly appreciate the rapidly growing fan base for Pamela Love's unique and all inspiring jewllerly collection, and as much as I love the style of her beautiful designs, so much attention on just one designer erges me to find new talent, enabling me to be wearing something new, that people haven't seen before, and that would be in the form of Noemi Klein.
Klein, originally from the West-German countryside, began working as a jeweller in the murky corners of creative East London in 2004. She first started designing and working with metal after being given a cast of piece of machinery by her dentist father, combining her inherited attention to detail and fascination with fancy tools with finding an outlet for her love of fashion, precious metals and unusual imagery.Additional design and silversmithing at Londons Central Saint Martins and Morley Colleges and an interest in traditional craft and tactile media such as porcelain, silk and natural stones make her approach to jewellery a distinctly modern take on decorative art.
Drawing inspiration from the ephemeral imagery of life and death, favourite reference points have included medieval emblems and the world of the enchanted forest. Pieces from the current collection are exquisitely detailed and multi-layered, featuring diverse figural and floral imagery and reworking elements from vintage jewelery and combining them with a array of precious materials such as silver, gold, coral and semiprecious stones.

Noemi Klien Jewellery is entirely handmade by the designer in her East London studio, creating unique but wearable pieces that are often one-offs.
Currently being stocked at Beyond the valley, No-one, Labour Of Love, Farfetch, Pixiemarket, Violent Green-Australia, Ballet-Hong Kong and Paristexas-Copenhagen.


  1. The detailing on these pieces is stunning, especially the rings. I'm in love with the second necklace, it has a really unusual design but it's beautiful.

  2. Those rings are stunning !

    KIsses from France.

    Olivia & Mariam

  3. Wow... those are some beautiful pieces of jewellery. I really love that first piece!

    Great post!


  4. I am totally dying over your blog right now- I love all your posts and am now following you via Bloglovin'! Love all the jewelry, its reminiscent of Pamela Love but more charming, IMO.

    stop by sometime- I'd love to have you


  5. amazzzing pieces, love every single one

  6. wow! some of them are really amazing
    love ur blog
    hope u check out mine

  7. these are so lovely, and look so feminine! Absolutely love it.


  8. Wow, her work is amazing. And, what a beautiful write up you did on her. It's interesting to read all that. I'm not crazy about the necklaces, but I really really love the rings!! They're so gorgeous. I wish I lived in London so I could go into her shop!

  9. all that jewelry is amazing..i would love to be decked out in all of that

  10. Thanks for your comment, glad you like the blog! this jewellery collection is stunning - i want every piece! x

  11. Really nice pictures :)

  12. I love it..gorgeous.. thanks for sharing

  13. i just want it all.. especially the last necklace, and the talon pieces. i love talons...

  14. very bliss lau


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