Thursday, 13 January 2011

Keep Us Warm Penfeild.

I have now reverted back to being a tad more sensible and considering that it is technically still winter, summer thoughts need to take a step back, and practicality needs to emerge, keeping warm in these cold, miserable days in London, requires something warm and cosy, preferably in coat form, and who else to provide us with such a product, than Penfeild, an outdoor apparel brand that was established in Hudson, Massachusetts, founded in 1975 by Harvey Gross a New England native, becoming recognised for exceptional quality, reliability and function particularly in down filled jackets and outerwear. Penfeild epitomizes the spirit and qualities of New England and the great outdoors..37 years later they are still making products according to the same basic principals on which the company was founded, suggesting that the fashion trend-setters are now looking for more in their chosen products.

Since Penfeild's inception in 1975, the brand quickly became a staple for many Americans in the 1980's, although roots of the label still lie within the great outdoors of New England, 'For Life In The Open' is their slogan, years of experience has allowed Penfeild to extend their business beyond just outdoor channels and into a broad range of retail channels, including retailers such as Barney's and a number of exclusive independent stores around the World, this exclusivity creates specific interest from a certain group of people, presumably responsible for creating 'just' a well made product and entering it into a whole new fashion level.

The brand has a long history of special collaborations and private label developments, not only across the top tier of progressive menswear such as Rag and Bone, but also high-end boutiques around the world such as Colette (France) and Edifice. (Japan)

I predict that examples from various collections speak for themselves, without the long winded commentation from myself.


  1. Awesome! These jackets look so warm, I particularly like the last one xxx

  2. This is cool. Sounds like a great brand. I love the jackets.

  3. Looks like a great collection, I love the first blue coat.

  4. oooh ill have the last one pls

  5. These puffer coats rock!!! They look sooo vintage but cool and love how they are fitted!!!! AMAZZZZING! I NEEED ONE pronto!!! It's like -20 Celsius in CANADA!!!!! BRRRRRRrrr
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  6. i love the third one... it's cute! i bet i can't afford it though haha!

  7. Oh, I would love to have one of these. They look so cozy and warm.

    Peace and love!


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