Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Discovery of Forest/River.

As discussed in my previous post, Beyond The Valley, a small fashion boutique situated in London, has enabled me to discover many talented designers creating innovative clothing, unusual jewellery and statement footwear, one of which I purchased a few days ago whilst in the 'summer thoughts' frame of mind once again. Footwear for the summer, wickers, transformed from the usual dull colours of dark brown and tan leather and constructed using bright colourful strips of leather, weaved together and tied with red leather as a form of lace.

Producing a blog has initiated the need for me to gain more knowledge in many aspects of the 'Fashion World' particularly in researching young designers and discovering their history and achievements. However, one of my usual research methods, Google, sadly was of no use this time around, only allowing an insight to very limited information.

Mia Morikawa, the designer behind Kapow!Wow! is presenting something new with the shoe label Forest/River Shoes. 'Incredibly adorable are the leather sandals in various colours, handmade in India and limited to only 90 pairs spread over the world.'

Although very little information was retrieved, the above almost makes me feel slightly privileged to be the proud owner of these special Forest/Rivers shoes...


  1. hi darling!
    thanks for stopping by me. love the second pair. and oh- that top/cardi in your header is even more brilliant. where's it from?
    hope you're enjoying your weekend

  2. those shoes are so so gorgeous!!!!!! i love them. im IN love with them!!!!


  3. Oh these shoes are so lovely, what an interesting idea!


  4. I can't decide on which pair I like the most. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too when you have time.


  5. I don't wear leather, but I like that colourful style. Handmade and only 90 pairs? I'm sure you're proud :D

    Thanks for reading my blog (:

    Peace and love!

  6. I love the shoes, what a great article x


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