Sunday, 30 January 2011

Rag and Bone! Rag and Bone!

The Story Behind The Name:
A century-old British fixture, the rag and bone man was known for practicing the first form of recycling. The rag and bone man would travel by horse and cart, circling the neighbourhood in search of scrap metal, old furniture, wood or anything else that he could sell or reuse to support himself. Children would come running at the shouts of 'Rag and Bone' to collect sweets and candles in exchange for the items they loaded onto his cart. Rubbish collection began to supplant the rag and bone trade by the late 1970s, and today there are few rag and bone men. As the homage to their pioneering ingenuity and conservation, rag and bone derived their name from this legendary practice.

The Story Behind The Brand:
Founded in 2002, rag and bone had one very clear vision in mind: to make clothes that they and their friends would love to wear everyday, I have come across this initial story before, its encouraging to know their are people out their that have the ambition to take this idea one step further as opposed to merely purchasing the clothes they like, however I am also well aware that this ambition equally needs to backed up with a talent to be able to design, one that I do not have but that's where the balance is, isn't it? Some of us just have the enjoyment of purchasing these designs that are to each individual taste. This is where the rag and bone story takes a different route, Marcus Wainwright and David Neville had no formal fashion training, incidentally this didn't stop them from setting out to learn how to make jeans, they believed that denim represented the history, authenticity and fundamentals of classic work wear that they would strive to reflect their designs.

Beginning in Kentucky, rag and bone surrounded themselves with people who had been making patterns, cutting fabric and sewing their whole lives, working with these kinds of craftsmen taught them the importance of quality, craftmanship and attention to detail early on. These early beginnings became the keystones of the rag and bone philosophy, the definition of what clothing can and should be, with these principles in mind despite the rapid growth of the brand wherever possible they produce the majority of their garments in US factories that still sew clothes the way they did 50 years ago.

These days rag and bone produce both womens wear and menswear along with accessories and footwear for both, all guided by a strong British tailoring influence, producing both classic yet modern pieces known for being understated and wearable, each made from high quality fabric, classic construction and perfect fit with a handmade feel.

Rag and Bone collections are available at high end boutiques and exclusive department stores worldwide, they have currently been mentioned frequently lately due to their original, innovative advertising campaign for their SS11 collection, also formally known as their 'DIY Project' consisting of posters being plastered around towns adorning the most trendiest models in their own rag and bone clothes, styled by themselves. Thinking outside the box advertising, or just plain genius, they have created a hype allowing everyone to get involved, urging you to submit an image of yourself in your best rag and bone look, Marcus and David will post their favourite submissions on facebook for us to vote the winner, allowing the top five most 'liked' looking receiving a $1000 voucher to spend on rag and bone.

It has created a whole new view on the brand and invited such a vast audience to part of it, with a new focus on many enjoying models off duty looks, so have chosen models who many are fans of their individual looks referring to the likes of Abbey and Sasha, plus the brands cool relaxed look, and even including the much loved facebook, Ive got a feeling they are onto a winner...


  1. i love rag & bone! they have some great stuff.

  2. AMAZING!!!!!! Thanks for posting this!!!!!

  3. I had no idea where the name came from, thanks for sharing!! I saw the pictures on other blogs, but not with so much explication, so thanks :)


  4. one of my favorite lines.. they truly have the best things ever. and i didn't know about the name!

    unfortunately there's only one shop in my town that sells them and it's awfully expensive. sigh, just windowshopping for me i guess. <3

  5. such a fun and candid editorial :)



  6. We love ourselves a piece of history =) Thanks for sharing.

    We'd also just like to say that your header is AWESOME!!

    xx Thessy & Yiota
    .sabo skirt. - OPENING MARCH!

  7. their stuff is awesome. great brand. great post

    F. ( x


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