Thursday, 6 January 2011

Let The Sun Shine Super Lucia

Before you read this and think I am getting way ahead of myself and its only January, but I'm sure, and I defiantly am, everyone cant wait for a bit of sunshine. And one hundred million percent my choice of sunglasses has been solved by SUPER Lucia. I no the Wayfarers will still be in existence as they are a true classic, even the Aviator style, and the Clubmaster and I think it can be handed deservedly to Rayban for supplying us all with these classic styles, there is no doubt that Rayban was, for many of us, a go to Classic, history showed that since the glasses first appeared in the thirties the Rayban brand was one to stay, whether its embracing one of their modern current frames or opting for the classic Wayfarer for their retro appeal, its fair to say they have come a long way, from the 'Army approaching them and asking for eyeglasses that would not just protect them from the sun, but would look good to.' The rest as they say, is history.

And although Rayban have created 'Round Metal Sunglasses' which I'm guessing will be on many a trendy faces in our summer, I think its time to explore what the rest have to offer us, and step away from the cult brand, and I am going down the Super Lucia route and I'm guessing I wont be alone?
The Super Story...Daniel and Simon Beckrman are the creators, and are also publishers of PIG Magazine, the most prestigious independent music and fashion magazine in Italy together with PIG radio, one of the most influential indie music web-radios on the Internet. The idea came when Daniel realised there was no eyewear brand that was representing a certain type of fashion culture. 'All the company's that are in the market today are leaded by people that are interested in different. standard and established markets, what about all the other street couture brands? Together with this nobody was playing fun in eyewear like the great expressions you can see in the clothing business...where are the shades for me and my friends?'

Not only are the designs catering for a whole new audience, they are handmade in Italy with the best manufactures using the best materials, and not just a fashion accessory, they have decided to adopt Zeiss lenses, which guarantee an extremely high level of protection to the eyes in all conditions.

It is unsurprising that since their introduction, artists, celebrities, sports athletes, trendsetters have all been representing the Super brand, they have been featured in prestigious international magazines, Vogue, i-D and WAD.

'Super sunglasses hit the scene in a big way this summer and as the rest of the world catches on, are set to continue as a must have item.'


  1. Hello there,
    thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! Yours is truly amazing so that's why I'm ur brand new follower ;)...
    stepping out of cult brands, as u say, is always a great idea for me coz sometimes u can find true revelations!!
    have a great day !

  2. wow! amazing sunglasses!
    Wish it were summer!
    really love your blog ;)

  3. The second sunnies!

    Love Grace.

  4. You are right on point there, girl. As dedicated and commited as I am to my Rayban Aviators, I am lusting for something with a craftier shape and stand out appeal.

  5. i absolutely adore these glasses.. especially the tortoise-looking ones.

    thank you so much for your kind words. and as i perused your blog i am stunned. i had to hit the follow button! <3

  6. i love this! this is really inspiring. the glasses are so chic. thanks for your sweet comment, come back soon! :) :)


  7. Love this post, I am always on the hunt for new glasses :)

  8. I really love your blog! I recently just invested in a new pair of raybans and these kind of remind me of mine!

    check my blog out at:

    xx Charlotte

  9. I love those raybans, and you are right.. we will probably be seeing these on many trendy faces during the summer



  10. You are definitely not getting carried away with yourself!! I was just writing the other day how I can not wait to dust off my sunnies when the sun starts to shine again <3

    Hope you can stop by THE FASHION SMOKE...

    PhiePhie x

  11. Lovely blog you have here.
    Got to say I like the shades on the last picture the best! :)

  12. great shades!
    <3 mode.

  13. They are some super cool shades. We love the first picture and its festival theme.

    Ps. your header is absolutely awesome.

    xx Thessy & Yiota - BLOG - ONLINE SHOP COMING SOON


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