Monday, 10 January 2011

The World Renowned Rebecca Taylor.

After completing my research I am now admittedly ashamed to say that I was oblivious to such a great designer, unknown to her feminine designs, unaware that the label has made a staggering $12 million turnover, and is proudly stocked in US and European Department stores as well as boutiques in Japan, and all these are the achievements of New-Zealand born fashion designer, Rebbecca Taylor. Looking for inspiration for the summer, it seems that we undoubtedly need look too far, we have all been bombarded with many a collection, its preferable sometimes to focus on a particular designer and appreciate all the aspects they have to offer in their one collection.

Taylor is now based in New York, presumably recognised as one of the most famous New-Zealand designers by many Americans, I'm placing emphasis on this to deter from the fact that I was completely unaware of such a influential talent, which I have purposely researched thoroughly so I am no longer within this shameful category, and willing to share amongst you all. Taylor first attended St Catherines college, she received her initial fashion training as part of Access, a Government scheme, one of her first jobs was making clothes for famous puppets, Peter Jackson's 'Meet The Feeeble's' characters. Once again, ambition and inspiration spring to mind when I discovered that Taylor arrived in New York to pursue who dream of becoming a designer with a mere $600 dollars in her pocket, eventually hired by fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, whom she worked under for six years, emphasis has to be put on ambition here, and her current place in the fashion industry certainly confirms where it can lead.

Her talents were obviously recognised leading to her debut at New York Fashion Week as part of the Gen Art Styles competition in the late 1990's, before doing her own catwalk show in 1999.

It has to be said that only now when I look through Taylor's archives I would of greatly appreciated her unique style if I were to have come across her many collections. It was noted on her personal website that 'Rebecca Taylor is not just a lifestyle..but a state of mind' ultimately portraying the pursued image of the various collections, urban, feminine, bold, kittenish, modern, chic and cool..with at touch of sparkle. Her flirty, modern designs have inspired legions of loyal customers and celebrity clients to indulge their feminine wiles, her creativity and energy pours into her collections with inspirational references ranging from vintage mod books from the 60's and 70's to the words of music, art and entertainment, with an almost obsessive eye for detail and unconventional colour sense. The collection tantalizes customers with perfect prints, great knits and flirty dresses, which fit into many wardrobes.

The SS11 collection enhanced modern cuts with playful, feminine details with pattern, colour and texture. I was impressed by the basics, khaki shorts or trousers paired with a bright detailed print and more simple long sleeve knits in adorable paler tones, aswell as the inclusion of a wide colour palette that incorporated both pastels with the bright, bold colour blocks seen as a main trend this season. A favourable piece would be the sheer t-shirts with two simple pockets, the minimalistic approach paired with the sheer detail of the prints, and topped of with a favourite of mine, the hair in a high bun, was a perfect combination.

I was always of the impression that the catwalks showed specific looks that were an over dramatised version of the real piece, that would be more wearable, however through research and finding out more about that great world of Fashion it is clear that the collections are able to walk straight of the catwalk...preferably straight into my wardrobe.


  1. everything about these designs are truley stunning! the prints and the fabrics are beautiful! i love those shorts in the third picture. i thoroughly enjoy reading your blog :)


  2. Honestly adore everything; it appears to be a very chic,easy going and statement-piece collection. Acounting the fact that it is quite easily wearable, even separate details; printed maxi skirts and adorable tunics. Very helpful post(in terms of updation regarding an uknown designers profile) :) X Neda X

  3. Greattt post, adore the sheer trend.
    Thanks for visiting!

  4. I lvoe your blog and I follow you (with Twitter and Bloglovin'). Thanks for the lvoely comment that you left on my blog ;D

    However I ifnd this psot really interesting, the collection is amazing and you speak with a lot of "knowledge" about fashion (at leat this is what seemed to me)

    Sorry for my bad english bye,

  5. I didn't know about her either thanks for sharing!
    I'm goingto follow you and on twitter too - @iamnrc

  6. I love Rebecca Taylor's designs and I completely agree all her collection could come off the catwalk and can be worn straight away.

    Loved all the blouses from the S/S 11 collection, so summery :)

  7. thanks for sharing these. i love the sheer skirts and prints

    The Flower Girl


  8. I love Rebecca Taylor! Her prints are my fav, her dresses too! Great photos :) Glad you posted!

  9. Love your blog here. :)
    Now following ya.
    Follow back if you'd like!

  10. She's simply wonderful, I'll definitely be following her!

    xx W

  11. I love Rebecca's collection. She brings such a youth collection for the girls
    Lee x

  12. love this collection

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