Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Walk Us Through The Summer Espadrilles.

Personally, footwear for the summer is a considerably easier choice to overcome compared to the winter months, there's an abundance of choice, and whilst looking through the footwear accompanying the varying outfits in the SS11 collections, it is fair to say as a whole they have catered for everyone, for every possible occasion imaginable. When the sun starts to shine and miserable, grey, London starts to warm up and the exciting events for the summer begin to be released, both at home and away, footwear is there to accommodates such matters, enjoyment completely out-weighing the worry of 'my shoes are hurting' and although, admittedly, this doesn't mean to say I will be choosing footwear based on comfort, I am trying to emphasis that they have to come in equal measures, so far in the form of Forest/River wickers and now espadrilles.

The classic espadrille, is once again one of them items that have never gone away, serving both purposes of reassuringly comfortable and a perfect accompaniment to any Summer outfit, developing from originally Peasant footwear to many designers replicating the classic shoe and being seen on many young, trendy feet, although the target market is highly unlimited, being seen on Brick Lane all the way through to many women and men wearing them during the Summer months in Catalonia.

Looking through Dior's SS11 footwear, with the espadrille inspired sole initiated the search for summer espadrilles, research unearthed some very impressive designer versions, however high-street versions undoubtedly compete.


  1. I had many... not sure where they are. Luckly they are almost the cheapest kind of shoes you can buy (although when designers get involved, the price seems to rise rapidly). But then the question, which colour, I want them all!!

    xo thefashionguitar

  2. Well I mean there is obvs only one solution: a pair in every color :) If forced to pick just one, I'd go with navy. Loving how Alexa wears them with an oversized military shirt.


  3. Oh Alexa looks so good. I just love your header

  4. I'm so glad you encorporated Alexa Chung in the post; she definately wears this style individually, mainly on account of the aspect that she mixes it with her style, which these shoes wouldn't ,safely saying, be an automatic pick. Although proves one wrong when seeing the final results...Yeah, I never owned a pair of espadrilles, however, i think i will..soon! As always: Great Post!! X Neda X

  5. i love your blog and your picks...i even like the title of your blog ^^

    Check out mine...

    Love, L

  6. These are SO fab! I can't wait until summer...

  7. I LOVE espadrilles! i had some last summer and they was so comfy, but they was too big so i only worn them in my garden. fail. They're on my shopping list for this summer!
    I like the ones which are like little pixie boots xxx


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