Monday, 7 March 2011

Brashy Couture T-shirts.

Yes summer thoughts once again, couldn't find much about this brand even so that wasn't about to deter me from sharing these t-shirts.

So...having received an email from Brashy Couture I can now share a bit more information about the brand...

'Brashy Couture was founded in 2009 by two brothers from Stockholm, Sweden.

We make beautiful and comfy unisex T-shirts for the aware youth. New York, Los Angeles, friends and good times have all put a great impact on our work and we love what we do! We believe the wearers are the stars and our goal is to share Brashy Couture with the world by letting it grow organically through customer satisfaction, feedback and creativity.

Brashy Couture has a very international customer base with over two thirds of the sales going outside our country of origin, Sweden,'

And the sad news was that most of the t-shirts were sold out but I have been told, 'in about 6 weeks we are restocked with new 2011 spring prints and some old classics.' Looking forward to it.


  1. These t-shirts are so effortlessly simple, yet staples such a bold connotation; an aesthetic of both chic and rock'n roll hard edge/bad girl lyrics. Perfect accessorys to complete these tee's? Quite simply a ciagarette, a black trilby hat, leoprad and,ofcourse, ray-ban wayfers. The ideal juxaposition of both style and I-dont-really-give-a-damn element to it too. Definatly on the wishlist, although question is, how can a thriteen year old(me!) wear a t-shirt with such...controversy written all beyound the canvas, and look..well, 'age appropriate'? Great post!
    X Neda X

  2. I love all t-shirts!!!! cute blog!

  3. Been a fan of these T-Shirts for a while, I want them all. Could nevere choose between them...

    Carol x

  4. Nice selection!
    Love the way you presented t-shits!


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