Sunday, 13 March 2011

Hats Up.

Let me just make this clear personally I'm not a fan of the 1990's 'beanie' ( I even hate the word) that used to be worn on the back of the head and to be quite frank I reckon All Saints were solely responsible for killing the whole look? But there is a distinctive difference between that replicated All Saints uniform and the real cool kids who wear such items in a completely different way, and these in turn are the ones I am referring to. I'm not even sure if everyone feels the same about style, and by everyone I'm referring to those who do have an actual interest in fashion, just in terms of being individual as opposed to following fashion trends. The fashion trend followers may sometimes look nice but that's just easy no? To open a magazine see what's 'in fashion' and purchase these items even sometimes dictated on how it should be styled by the magazine/shop window, where's the thought process/individuality in that? Now who am I to have such harsh opinions when I'm can completely be categorised as one of these many a time, the thoughts were initiated by Miss Luella Bartley, and yes I am aware I need to get onto a new book but I'm just amazed that I have read a book and just completely agree with everything written, admittedly the famous people representing each look she refers to are way out of my time but I still am able to get her drift. She was talking about how fashion has changed, how easy it is to just dress nice these days, its open to the masses, nothing what so ever can be considered an obstacle, magazines tell you where to get stuff, online shopping means you can do it at whatever time you want presenting no difficulty in finding these shops and even walking in the shops they supply everything at reasonable prices that you have seen all around you, so in turn the whole process now consists of minimal input. Luella describes how in her time it was a complete mission to get the latest trainers traipsing hours in back street shops to find that purchase that you knew would tempt people to ask where they were from, and this caused individual styles, and to be honest I don't like the thought that this was hard work I like that we have Internet and that everything regarding actually purchasing things is easy but I also appreciate people that have the ability to look individual with this just happening naturally, and not even those uber trendy people who make statements and stand out, equally just the people who have their own style, regardless of what's in fashion and what's not, or what's considered cool or what's not, its these types of people that don't even need the mass help and guidance that now surrounds us.

And from this I think it has just interested me in picking out a few things that I think are just a bit different, and maybe it has something to do with the sort of girls wearing them? Like just a random hat, even in the middle of summer, with that messy wavy hair, I like it. Undoubtedly the likes of Erin Wasson has so many fans appreciating her cool, laid back style but you can tell its her, you can tell she has put her stamp on everything she wears just by the way she wears it, to develop a style that people associate with you, I think, is when you can give up, you don't need to try its not an effort to think what to put on, its not hard to pick things out in shops, it doesn't matter if people like them or not. Its you, and people can tell its you, not something that hasn't been copied, and to me that's individuality.

And for me this is what this blog is all about, there are no rules about what you put on there, its just your own personal taste, and even its its not what you like you can still appreciate it....even if its as simple as a knitted hat.

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