Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Excuse Me Do You Have The Time?

Personally, I believe that your choice of watch says alot about you, its one of them things that many people wear but with their chosen one indicating what sort of style they are trying to portray. Similar, to your choice of outfit, expressed in a more discreet way, maybe easier for the less confident making a mere statement that allows them that glimpse of style they like without having to wear everything that goes along to match it. Obviously on the rich and famous, many high end watches appear on many wrists, but with money aside, its interesting to see their choice of style in these brands, girls wearing bigger faced men watches, or on the same wrist piled high with bracelet's and friendship bracelets. And equally lately, we have seen all the 'cool kids' wearing their Casio's, G-shock, Timex's, its interesting to see how such a simple thing as a watch is worn by each individual. Searching for examples of these proved quite difficult, no surprise to see the great photography work of Jak and Jil helped me out on my search, and passing it on to my friend Chrissy is always a handy move at work as I then start receiving frequent emails containing photos.

So...this was the collection I put together with some extra help, and just a note to all of you who read the blog, I would love to put images of your watches on your wrists on here too, just forward them to my email....Callahan.Brooks@mandg.co.uk


  1. Totes les photos sont tre tres glamour!!!:)

    Angela Donava

  2. I think I am gonna wear more than one watch at the time... just to be sure I am on time ;)

    ♥ thefashionguitar


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