Thursday, 24 March 2011


F-Troupe is a small, directional footwear brand based in London. Founded in 2003 by Mick Hoyle, in a short space of time it has established itself internationally and is now available in twenty four countries.

F-Troupe loves to use British historical and functional influences to make footwear that is quitessentially British but with an international appeal, through this the brand strives to give good, original and innovative ideas.

Now it came as quite a shock to read the above information about this stylish footwear brand, although I had caught glimpses of some of the products online, it wasn't until we stumbled across this small quirky little shop behind Canarby Shop that I really took an interest. I suppose taking your main influences from the British culture, naturally the classic brogue would be repeated in various collections, I love how they put the F-Troupe stamp on an otherwise very formal sensible form of footwear by the inclusion of bright pink and blue suede and mesh for the summer. Even the more toned down colour palettes, black, grey and tan managed to resemble something different as opposed to the usual plain brogue by the smallest of details such as miniature star detailing as opposed to the small circle effect on the classic design.

Even from the website you get a feel for a classic British designer, but in a different way to older more established brands such as Churches. This is I suppose a more modern take on a traditional footwear brand, by not only supplying one type of style, you also get more up to date modern designs, take for example a new take on the 'jelly shoe' resembling more of a casual plimsoll, a million miles away from the 'original' jelly shoes!

The menswear designs are the perfect shoe, just simple, nothing over the top and individual, no branding needed.

I opted for the boot brogue, perfect with shorts and dresses in the summer....

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  1. I LOVE all the little frames on the wall! They're very unique!


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