Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Le Smoking Blog.

Its not about promoting smoking, its that certain edge that these images have that I cant put my finger on. It has limited information about who writes the blog, apart from a student from New York who's objective is 'to document the gorgeous
images of people smoking that inspire my art.'

Inspiring is certainly a word that describes the chosen images, I love the whole look each image creates, its hard to word exactly what the styling of smoking a cigarette creates and presumably if the person styling the photograph and/or the photographer have chosen to use it within in the shot it sort so of indicates a whole style by the simple inclusion, Kate Moss, Lou Dillon, iD magazine editorials, are examples of the sort of style I am trying to put into writing.

I am of yet to dedicate a post to the following few chapters I have read in Luella's Guide To English Style but she sums up this style in two words. Miss English, that girl that can just put on a t-shirt not brush her her have her boyfriend's jeans on and a pair of converse and just look, well perfect in that completely imperfect messy way. I have rarely read writing that I completely agree with, this book being one of them, the way she describes Miss English perfectly captures my idea of what this style captures, however I'll do a whole post on this as there are so many things I scribbled down and highlighted on the pages of the book that it will take me forever to get it all down to a bearable amount of writing to read when looking at a blog!

Back to Le Smoking blog, I completely appreciate the choices of the author and not only on this blog, there are also several blogs by the same person, Le Love, which have some of the nicest sayings I have ever seen, and yes maybe that is due to being in love and thinking it all applies to you! Olsens Anonymous, two style icons which I love and could spend all day looking through all their outfits, Le Fashion and ....Etc, which must include all the things He/She wants to share but don't fit into the categories of the other blogs, so just by seeing all the blogs connected to one person I can safely say I am completely on the same page, inspired by every single thing I come across on these blogs.

And I couldnt resist sharing some of the sayings from Le Love, I could save them all.


  1. Love this post.Thanks for sharing!

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