Tuesday, 15 March 2011

That Blog World.

I am not sure of figures at all on this subject, but there must be thousands if not millions of blogs being produced by all different types of people on a whole varied choice of topics right? To be honest I'm not even sure how I came across my first blog, well I could make an educated guess and predict that good old Google was solely responsible, but I know what one it was, Fashion Toast. I loved it, sitting at work I would just print out all the pictures I liked mounted them all and put them all in a big scrapbook, this led to wanting to read a whole host of Fashion Magazines as opposed to the usual Vogue and Elle. Through finding one popular blog I would sift through the comments and have a look at all the other blogs, and the rest they say is history, or just an extremely boring read as I just spent hours on the internet just looking at all the new posts which was made a whole lot easier through the help of Bloglovin.

So I wont ramble on about blogs as obviously all you who are reading this are well aware of them, clearly. However, I'm sure we all have our favourites, when you know that every new post produced you will like and be inspired by, I have quite a few of these now and they all seem to have the same sort of look, although I appreciate tastes that are completely opposite from mine, although as I have said before I think the ones you love say something about your taste, and presumably something you share with the blog's author as you both have a love for the images posted, and once again I think I have stumbled across one that will make it onto my favourite list...Spells Jewellery.

Sometimes I think its satisfying that you have a limited, if any, amount of knowledge about the author behind a blog, you sort of get an idea by just their writing and images chosen, although when the blogs are more personal you get a sense of their true style instead of just pickign certain lookbooks, products or editorials to share, I am sort of getting the gist that more personal blogs are the ones that are gaining more success and recognition from the Fashion World, look at the likes of Susie Bubble, The Blonde Salad, Chickmuse, Fashion Squad etc, it amazes me to see what sort of projects they get involved in and how just a blog can turn into a whole career? YES PLEASE


  1. wow very cool header!! Is it you on it??



  2. Ohh wow! Fabulous pictures lady! xxx


  3. Hello Callahan, oh my goodness I can't believe I missed this one!

    I remember you saying that you were going to pencil up a little mention - and somehow i stumbled past it! Thank you so much - what an absolutely love feature!

    XX Peace!! Lizzy


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